CFSU International Urban Talk Series II - DECODING PRIVATE CITIES IN ASEAN: Perspective From Private Developers

Pembangunan Jaya Center for Urban Studies (CUS), Universitas Pembangunan Jaya (UPJ), and Technische Universitat Dresden (TU Dresden) hosts the 2nd International Urban Talk Series "Decoding Private Cities in ASEAN: Perspective from Private Developers".

The involvement of private developers is more than ever become more important in urban development. Thus, it is critical to understand the private city phenomena from the private developer's point of view. Private sector's perspective in the new development of urban landscape in mega cities including the opportunities and challenges also still not yet understood. The challenge such as inclusiveness and sustainability of private cities also become key issues. These issues of private developer's perspective and sustainability of private cities will discussed more in the Urban Talk 2.


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