Green Building Merit Award 2014

The University sets liberal arts, sustainable eco development, and entrepreneurship as her core emphasis. As such, the campus should exemplify these ideals. It needs to fulfill the requirement of sustainable campus by all means. The new campus needs to also embrace and reveal the values of liberal arts education whose ultimate aim is to produce well rounded and honored citizens. By entrepreneurship as one of the cores, the campus environment needs to encourage far sightedness, vigorousness, endurance, and responsibility.

As the world has also increasingly urbanized, the university attempts to put herself as the major actor to shape the future urban development and urban lifestyle for the country and the region. In this regard, the campus needs to become the setting or stage for the display of good quality urban life, and the state of the arts appearance which should endure the test of time. The ambition of the Foundation and  the Pembangunan Jaya group is to make this campus the pride of the group


The University of Pembangunan Jaya held a design competition for its campus masterplan. The aim of this competitions are:


To outline the best possible spatial configuration of building masses for the full development of the university which will be implemented in several phases of development.
To obtain the best possible design ideas for the first phase building complex development
The winner of this competition was DLN Hongkong which in turns they designed the preliminary masterplan for the first phase construction of the building complex.

By mid May 2014, our campus design complex was submitted to the  2014 Green Building Award competition that is organised by the Hong Kong Green Building Council ( After a series of tight selection processes, our UPJ campus design has been included in the final shortlist for the Hong Kong Green Building Council "Green Building Award 2014". The short-listed projects are shown on the following link:

In December 2014, The Universitas Pembangunan Jaya new Campus project was awarded with the Merit Award in the category of New Buldings - Projects Under Design in this year's Green Building Awards competition organized by the Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC).

The selection process was a long interview with the assessment panel of local and overseas assessors. HKGBC advise that UPJ was selected out of a wide range of competing candidates. What a great achievement for the start of building a new Green and sustainable campus! Well done UPJ!!!

Author by: Eka Permanasari, PhD

Head of Architecture