Earns 1.1 Billion, UPJ Holds Stunting and Obesity

Universitas Pembangunan Jaya (UPJ) held a community service activity (Pengmas) entitled "Strengthening RPTRA management capacity in preventing stunting and obesity based on biopigment research results" in Jakarta on December 16-17, 2021. This event is related to the Grant of Independent Learning Policy Research Program and Merdeka Campus and Community Service Based on Research Results and Prototypes of Private Universities in Fiscal Year 2021 which was successfully achieved by UPJ amounting to Rp 1.1 Billion. Through an official release, Leenawaty Limantara, Rector of Universitas Pembangunan Jaya said (22/12/2021), the purpose of this activity is that UPJ wants to raise the problem of stunting and obesity in the community, so that it can be prevented as early as possible. Participants of this activity are the managers of Child-Friendly Integrated Public Spaces (RPTRA) in Pesanggrahan sub-district. The hope is that the managers can become cadres to convey the message of stunting and obesity prevention to the surrounding community.

 "RPTRA is very important, because RPTRA has a direct role to the community. That's why UPJ is very grateful to be able to work well with RPTRA, "said Leenawaty.

"In October we were together and this time we were able to work together again in organizing activities on stunting and obesity. As a high teacher, UPJ understands very well that we must touch the community," said the Rector of UPJ.

RPTRA, added Leenawaty, who is considered to have an important call to reach out to the community and educate the community. The important issue of stunting and obesity this activity was divided into several sessions, in the first session, there was a material presentation in the seminar "The Importance of Balanced Nutrition Intake in Children" delivered by Diajeng Anjaina Gakusha, Founder of The Indonesian Nutrition Room.

"Therefore, this cooperation aims to enrich the knowledge of both UPJ and RPTRA so that it can be implemented when educating the community," concluded the Rector.



Important issues of stunting and obesity


This activity is divided into several sessions, in the first session, there is a material presentation in the seminar "The Importance of Balanced Nutritional Intake in A

nak" delivered diajeng Anjaina Gakusha, Founder of Nutrition Room Indonesia. Furthermore, in the second session there was a presentation of material in the seminar "Psychology of Behavior Ma

In Children to Avoid Stunting and Obesity" delivered by Tri Gunadi, Founder of Yamet Child Development Center. Tri Gunadi in his presentation conveyed, eating behavior in children

"A child's eating skills also require a variety of basic abilities. Such as oral motor, gross motor, fine motor, communication, and imitation," said Founder of Yamet Child Development Center. The third session of material presentation was delivered by Leenawaty Limantara in the seminar "Rainbow on My Plate: Prevent Stunting and Obesity". In addition to the presentation of the speakers, there are other activities such as Forum Group Discussion (FGD) and Indepth Interview.

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