Train and Create Unique Trading Carts, Product Design and DKV UPJ Empowers Special Culinary Traders Lengkong Kyai, Kab. Tangerang

Bintaro Jaya, South Tangerang. Starting with the provision of training on the importance of maintaining cleanliness and quality of food for SMEs by inviting source Sergio Andino Ahnan, Co-Founder of MBrio, A start-up that is engaged in food, Universitas Pembangunan Jaya through its Product Design and Visual Communication Design (DKV) study program carries out community service activities that focus on empowering LENGKONG KYAI community SMEs or Lengkong Kulon Villages which are mostly engaged in culinary business. Community service activities starting from December 20-24, 2021 at Hall Lt. 3 Of Building B, Universitas Pembangunan Jaya are mainly filled with training activities for 20 participants who are young women and mothers of indigenous people of Kampung Lengkong Kulon, Serpong, Kab. Tangerang as an implementation of a grant program from the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia.

As one of the driving motors of community service programs under the grant program of Rp. 1.1 billion received by UPJ, upj's Product Design and DKV study program in addition to providing training will also design and produce 10 unique trade carts for culinary SMEs as one of the outcomes of this community service program.  Head of the Service Team, Dr. Hari Nugraha, who is also a Lecturer from upj Product Design Study Program said that: "The final result of this activity is expected to improve the economy of the citizens and reduce the economic gap between villagers and residents who live in the area of Lengkong Kulon Village in particular and bsd area in general."

Lengkong Kyai or Kampung Lengkong Kulon itself is an area that has important historical value and is quite long, even beyond the age of the Republic of Indonesia itself. The history of Lengkong Kyai or Lengkong Kulon cannot be separated from the figure of Aria Wangsakara, a scholar and fighter who fought the VOC in the early 1700s. The figure of Aria Wangsakara who died in 1720 has been awarded as a National Hero in 2021 because it is part of the heroes who participated in the fight for the independence of the Republic of Indonesia.

Efforts to empower SMEs lengkong kyai community or Kampung Lengkong Kulon which is mostly engaged in culinary business by upj product design study program will be continued with training on how to use social media such as Instagram to support the business of selling food residents of Kampung Lengkong Kulon with speaker Donna Angelina, a designer and also a successful entrepreneur on December 24, 2021.