Empowerment of Youth Digital Content Creation as Cultural Tourism Content Branding Lengkong Kyai

Universitas Pembangunan Jaya, through the results of previous research in Lengkong Kyai or Kampung Lengkong Kulon as a constricted city or pinched village located in the satellite city area of BSD City, Serpong, Kab. Tangerang, received a grant from kemdikbud Ristek amounting to Rp. 1.1 billion which was implemented in UPJ community service activities in the form of "Empowerment of Youth Digital Content Creation as Branding of Lengkong Kyai Cultural Tourism Content". The activity on December 22 in Hall B, Universitas Pembangunan Jaya Campus began with Workshop and Seminar activities filled by sources who are lecturers from various study programs at UPJ, including Product Design Study Program, DKV, Communication Science, and Management Study Program as well as practitioners from the world of Marketing and Digital Business. Community service, which also involves UPJ students, conducted training for 20 young lengkong kyai natives.

Especially for workshop and seminar activities on Wednesday, Dec. 22, 2021 workshop material began with material on how to "Create and Manage Promotional Accounts hosted by H. Suhana, Marketing &Public Relations Manager upj. Participants practice how to choose, create and manage a digital promotional platform suitable for Lengkong Kyai's signature Religious and Culinary Tourism. Then continued with the training "Making The Concept of Promotional Content" by utilizing social media by Naurissa Biasini, M.I.Kom, Head of Upj Communication Science Study Program ended with the material "Infographics and Design" delivered by Ratno Suprapto, S.sn., M.Ds who is a lecturer. UPJ's Visual Communication Design Study Program where participants practice directly in the DKV Lab for infographic creation and design, proving that graphic design has an important role in promotion.
Kampung Lengkong is an area that has important historical value and is quite long, even exceeding the age of the Republic of Indonesia itself.
The history of Lengkong Kulon cannot be separated from the figure of Aria Wangsakara, a cleric and fighter who fought the VOC in the early 1700s. The figure of Aria Wangsakara who died in 1720 has been awarded as a National Hero in 2021 because it is part of the heroes who participated in the fight for the independence of the Republic of Indonesia. At the international level, the researchers' findings also show the figure raden Aria Wangsakara has been known internationally in the spread and development of the Islamic world.

Head of The Community Service Team, Dr. Edi Purwanto, SE, MM said: "Worskhop activities and Seminars include counseling on the importance of The Promotion of Lengkong Kyai Cultural Sites, to foster awareness of some people to maintain the cultural heritage left by their ancestors, namely Raden Aria Wangsakara. This extension is also intended so that they are aware of the need for promotion or dissemination of information related to cultural sites in Lengkong Kyai.

"This Youth Empowerment Activity is closed with the Submission of Design Assets in the form of Laptops. It is important for servicers to provide assets in the form of laptops to these community institutions, so that they can implement the trainings they have participated in as part of sustainability activities." Demikian lanjut Dr. Edi Purwanto.