UPJ Achieves LLDIKTI IV Award

Wednesday, February 9, 2022 in Bandung, Jaya Development University (UPJ) won 2 awards from 8 types of grants from the Regional Education Service Institute IV Banten and West Java (LLDIKTI IV) for the PTS (Private Higher Education) category with the 3rd best Simonev and PTS filling in activities outside the student camps. Only 24 out of 450 West Java-Banten PTS received this gift this year.

The LLDIKTI itself plays a role in mapping out and facilitating the improvement of the quality of higher education provision and management. LLDIKTI IV focused on being the catalyst for the management of PTS and PTS Banten-Jabar, covering 450 PTS, 2509 Prodi (study program), 26,599 lecturers, and 782,027 students. Data and information management is performed by LLDIKTI, one of which is through the Simonev portal, where UPJ is one of the PTS compliant to fill it in.

The Simonev portal manages UPJ's University Mutual Assurance Institute (LPMU) in a collaborative manner. At the beginning of each year, targets are set Rectorat through bottom-up (bottom-up) based data and trends. An example of Simonev data is the percentage of Prodi in collaboration with external parties. Collaboration is also carried out in a strategy for achievements to be built throughout the year. Joint agreement poured in the meeting every 3 months, where the data supplied by each unit is discussed from various perspectives and monitored its implementation. Then each unit has a sense of belonging (sense of ownership), consistent pursuit of achievement, as well as accountability and responsibility for data. Whenever the internal process is completed, data is input periodically on the portal as per the deadline. This makes UPJ never miss filling Quarterly I-IV so that it's fresh award a compliance award. Head of UPJ LPMU Gita Soerjoatmodjo argued, "Simonev's portal is not limited to a reflection of compliance, but because there is an awareness that public information like this is actually part of the people's human right to know. So it is appropriate for UPJ to ensure that this governance is upright to protect stakeholders."

Regarding the dispatch of the most students for off-campus activities, this is followed by the Merdeka Merdeka Campus Learning (MBKM) policy of the Ministry of Education and Culture Research and Technology (KMENDIBUDRISTEC). Since its founding, UPJ implemented the policy through liberal arts. UPJ students are free to choose more than 100 courses unconditionally across Prodi. UPJ students also have a point scheme of graduation conditions, including passing internship activities, participating in competitions, engaging in research, and devotion to the faculty community. UPJ students also take Vocational Work as compulsory courses. Thus, as soon as the policy was released in 2020, UPJ immediately aligned itself, among other things by expanding it to cross-university. This is what contributed to the award of the most number of off-campus college students. Deputy Academic Rector and Agustine Agus Setiawan student argued, "This is possible thanks to the active role of the Study Program encouraging students to expand their insight and experience. Students also play a role in this activity as a form of self-development and their profession."