The lengthy process of applying for a license to establish a Vocational Certification Institute at Pembangunan Jaya University finally bears sweet fruit. The LSP of Pembangunan Jaya University officially received the Licensee SK submitted directly by the Chairman of the BNPP, Kunjung Nasehat, SH., MH. to the Rector of Pembangunan Jaya University, Leenawaty Limantara, Ph.D. at UPJ Campus in Bintaro Jaya on April 9, 2022, South Tangerang. On the same day, the UPJ LSP also successfully carried out the 9th Competency Assessment, the inaugural scheme which was witnessed by the BNSP Witness Team directly chaired by Kunjung Nasehat, SH., MH who is also the Chairman of the Vocational Certification Agency or BNSP.

"With the acceptance of this Licensee SK, LSP can carry out Competency Assesmen in accordance with the number of schemes that have been validated as collateral and evidence that UPJ graduates have Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude that can be received in the tested and proven work world by being certified." This was conveyed by the Chairman of BNSP.

With the acceptance of SK License LSP as the official so that UPJ LSP is ready to carry out Competency Certification with 9 Schemes already validated by BNSP. 9 Competency schemes already validated by the BNSP to be held at the UPJ LSP, namely (1) accounting technician scheme; (2) customer relationship management system scheme; (3) human resources management scheme; (4) psychologist assistant scheme; (5) programmer scheme; (6) network designer scheme; (7) junior packaging design scheme; (8) a scheme for implementing PR activities;(9) televise program write-in scheme. These nine schemes are based on the existing study program in UPJ.

The handover event of SK Licensee attended by Ir, Frans Satyaki Sunito, President of Pembangunan Jaya University and the leadership of Pembangunan Jaya Univeristas. In his speech, Ir. Frans Satyaki Sunito said: "SK License as evidence of Pembangunan Jaya University commitment to the sublime intention of university founders in printing human resources who are not only knowledgeable also have competence. In addition, this SK License must also be the LSP's commitment with 18 people Assessor of its Competency untuk maintains Integrity in printing competent Human resources as reflected in university Vision."