Urban Acupuncture Social-Environmentally Conscious Urban Design

The Department of Architecture of Universitas Pembangunan Jaya proudly presents an international seminar on Tuesday, 15th November 2022, with the topic of Urban Acupuncture: Social-environmentally conscious Urban Design.

Urban Design aims to explore and manipulate existing buildings and the spaces between them to target social and environmental issues which may trigger a positive change in the urban setting. A perspective on social and environmental awareness is critical when dealing with climate change and the increase of inequality in Indonesia’s largest cities.

Urban acupuncture as an urban design intervention is expected to cause a chain reaction, to revitalise the city through changing a particular node in the city. This international seminar aimed to expand the concept of acupuncture and hopefully inspire aspiring architects and urban designer to apply this knowledge to future projects.

This international seminar invites Prof. Dr. Florian Heinzelmann from National University of Singapore and Ms. Nadya Victoryka, S.T., Ing (B,BE), M.T. from NAA Architecture Studio and Collaboration to discuss their views of Urban acupuncture. This seminar was moderated by Issa S. I. Tafrid, S.T, M.T., M.Sc., who is a lecturer in the Department of Architecture, particularly in the Urban Design course.

To facilitate out-of-town participants, this seminar was held in hybrid mode. About 150 audience were welcome in UPJ’s auditorium, and many others, such as from Ministry of Public Works and Housing, IAI, and students from various local and international universities, joined the seminar through Zoom meetings or through YouTube Live Stream.

This seminar is funded by PKKM grant from the Ministry of Education and Culture, and is in collaboration with IAI Banten, SHAU, and NAA Architecture Studio and Collaboration