The Introduction about Civil Engineering UPJ for SMAN 90 Through Visits Students to Ancol Jakarta

The University Of Pembangunan Jaya  visited Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, that has 40 participations which are students of SMAN 90 Jakarta on Saturday, January 10, 2015. The visited  aimed to introduce the civil engineering profession to students of SMAN 90 Jakarta.

The event on the visit begins with the introduction of civil engineering by faculty and students of civil engineering UPJ. In this session, students can find out about the things learned during the study in civil engineering, civil engineering role in everyday life and the benefit by working as civil engineering UPJ. After that, the students of SMAN 90 visited the dike beach in Ancol beach, accompanied by representatives of the department Jaya Ancol reclamation. In addition, there was also the games that followed by students of SMAN 90 Jakarta. This activity is expected to provide knowledge to the students about the information, knowledge, and a general overview of the world of civil engineering, both in the context of the lecture and the world of work, including the world business.

Laporan oleh Bayu Edigani (PR)