Universitas Pembangunan Jaya (UPJ) is hosting the book launch event for 'UPJ Indonesia City Metrics.

The launch event for the book "UPJ Indonesia City Metrics (UPJ-ICM)" at the Universitas Pembangunan Jaya campus in Bintaro Jaya (8/09) is a significant occurrence in urban studies. UPJ-ICM is an urban study that captures 42 major and medium-sized cities in Indonesia from a holistic perspective in five aspects: urban development and accessibility (Urban Development), the economy (Urban Growth), social community (Urban Society), arts and culture (Urban Culture), and technology and research (Urban and the Future).

UPJ-ICM is not intended to compete between these cities but rather to serve as a reference for various parties in choosing the right city for living, learning, working, or doing business. Additionally, UPJ-ICM, which is planned to be periodically updated, is also expected to benefit city stakeholders, including planners, managers, and decision-makers in the urban field, in creating better policies, planning, and city development in the future.

The launch event was attended by several prominent figures. The Acting Governor of Jakarta, as the main shareholder of PT Pembangunan Jaya, the Governor of Banten, and the Mayor of South Tangerang were present at the event. Moreover, Prof. Bambang Brojonegoro, Dr. Kecuk Suhariyanto, Ir. Bernie Djonopoetro, CEO of PT Pembangunan Jaya, Mr. Trisna Muliadi, M.B.A., the directors of PT Pembangunan Jaya, academics, urban observers, and other attendees also added vibrancy to the event.

During the occasion, the Acting Governor of DKI Jakarta not only inaugurated the launch of the UPJICM book but also presented the book to the Head of the National Library of Indonesia, the Governor of Banten, the Mayor of South Tangerang, academics, and urban enthusiasts. The book presentation symbolizes the effort to convey the findings of UPJ's study to the public for utilization.

As part of the UPJ-ICM book launch event, a talk show was also held with the theme "Challenges and Opportunities for the Development of South Tangerang City," delivered by the Mayor of South Tangerang, Mr. Drs. H. Benyamin Davnie.

The launch of the UPJ-ICM book and the talk show are expected to provide a deeper insight into urban development and an understanding of the challenges and opportunities in city development.

On the same day, the inauguration of the UPJ library event and a talk show on 'Welfare Literacy' took place, featuring Mr. Drs. Muhammad Syarif Bando, MM (Head of the National Library of Indonesia) as the speaker.