UPJ Wins 2023 Diktiristek Collaboration Award

Thursday, October 26 2023, Pembangunan Jaya University won the 2023 Diktiristek Cooperation Award. UPJ won the award as the third best university in West Java-Banten in terms of implementing collaboration with the industrial sector. The 2023 LLDIKTI Region IV Diktiristek Collaboration Award was held at the LLDIKTI Region IV Hall, Bandung. On this occasion, awards were given to a number of private universities in the West Java-Banten region. The four types of categories provided include the International Cooperation category, Industrial Cooperation, Government/NGO Cooperation and the Collaboration Report Management category. UPJ is the only representative of Banten Province universities to win an award in the field of industrial cooperation.

The Directorate General of Higher Education, Research and Technology (Ditjen Diktiristek) of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemendikbudristek) expressed appreciation for the cooperation managers within the Directorate General of Diktiristek with the title Diktiristek Cooperation Award (AKD 2023). This activity is a proactive step from the Directorate General of Higher Education and Technology to monitor and evaluate the efforts of tertiary institutions to achieve Key Performance Indicator (IKU) 6, namely study programs in collaboration with world-class collaboration partners.

UPJ as a private university was founded in 2011 and is supported by 24 PT Pembangunan Jaya business groups which operate in various industrial sectors, from the infrastructure sector to the recreation and tourism sectors, developing a collaborative learning and research ecosystem. ), with the principle of a pentahelix approach involving elements of Academic, Business, Government, Community and Media (ABGCM).