UPJ Hands Over the Results of Madrasah Building Revitalization to MIS Raudhlatul Irfan

Universitas Pembangunan Jaya (UPJ) has successfully completed the revitalization program for parks and sanitation facilities at MIS Raudlatul Irfan, Lengkong Kulon Village, Pagedangan District, Tangerang Regency, Banten.

With the completion of this project, funded by the Organizational Capacity Strengthening Program for Student Organizations (PPK Ormawa) in 2023 from the Ministry of Education and Culture Research and Technology (Kemendikbudristek), the project was officially handed over to MIS Raudlatul Irfan on Thursday (16/11).

The handover ceremony was conducted directly by the Head of the Student Affairs and Alumni Bureau (BKAL) UPJ, Fauzan Joko Sularto, to the Head of MIS Raudlatul Irfan, Humaeroh. The revitalization of the park and sanitation facilities at MIS Raudlatul Irfan was spearheaded by the Civil Engineering Student Association (HMS) UPJ.

"As a representative of MIS Raudhatul Irfan, I express gratitude to HMS UPJ for assisting with facilities and education in our school. Not only the teachers but the children in the school are also happy because they now have decent and comfortable educational facilities," said Humaeroh.

In line with this, the Chairperson of the PPK Ormawa Grant Program at UPJ, Dhea Difani Hayati, also expressed gratitude to the partners who collaborated with HMS UPJ in the revitalization activities. This collaboration involved the village, community units, school authorities, and the support of the Student Affairs and Alumni Bureau UPJ.


Fauzan Joko Sularto, the Head of the Student Affairs and Alumni Bureau UPJ, explained that PPK Ormawa is an annual program aimed at strengthening the capacity of student organizations through a series of coaching processes provided by universities and implemented in community service and empowerment programs. UPJ strongly supports and encourages student organizations to actively participate in this program.

"This activity can enhance the organizational skills of students and sharpen their instincts in applying the knowledge gained during their studies to activities that benefit the community," said Fauzan.

In the same place, the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs & Student Affairs UPJ, Agustinus Agus Setiawan, stated that UPJ is the only university in the Banten region trusted by the Ministry of Education and Culture to implement the PPK Ormawa program in 2023. "UPJ continues to encourage students to actively contribute to improving the welfare and health of the surrounding community, especially in Indonesia as a whole," he added.