Career Talk 2024: Initiate and Cultivate Potential Career After Graduation

Universitas Pembangunan Jaya presents the Career Talk 2024 event as part of its career development program aimed at providing insights and inspiration to participants about the dynamics of the modern career world. Held on February 16, 2024, the event featured speakers who have successfully navigated their careers in various sectors.

As guest speakers, JCC brought in Samantha June, S.Psi, and Della Adelia Siagian, S.Psi, two Psychology alumni from UPJ who currently hold HR positions in two national and international companies. Both speakers shared their experiences and insights on the preparations needed to enter the workforce after graduation. "The true way to make ourselves happy is by loving our work and finding joy in it," according to Samantha (16/02/2024).

Additionally, Career Talk 2024 also introduced the karirlab platform as part of the collaboration between UPJ and Karirlab. Aufa Aprilia (Campus Partnership Lead at Karirlab) stated in her presentation, "The important initial capital in entering the workforce is through mental preparation and self-portrayal through CVs." At the same event, Prasmul Eli also presented the Onboarding Program, which provides career and professional development services to help participants build steps toward career success and enhance their capacity and opportunities to work in desired companies.

"Through this activity, we hope to provide inspiration and motivation for participants to continue developing their potential and achieve success in their careers. We express our gratitude to all the speakers, partners, and participants who have participated in this Career Talk," added Ronald Silalahi as Director of the Bureau of Student and Alumni Affairs - Universitas Pembangunan Jaya

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