Strategic Meeting Between Pembangunan Jaya University and the Tourism Office of South Tangerang City to Develop Unique Souvenirs

South Tangerang, 3/05/2024 - Pembangunan Jaya University (UPJ) has established a strategic partnership with the Tourism Office of South Tangerang City in efforts to develop and promote the cultural heritage and tourism potential in South Tangerang. The meeting, held on May 3, 2024, in the office of the Head of the Tourism Office, Heru Sudarmanto SIP, MM, on the 5th floor, was attended by the Head of the Product Design (DP) Study Program at UPJ, Dr. Hari Nugraha, and the Head of the Bureau of Cooperation, Public Relations, and Internationalization at UPJ, Dr. Lukas Sihombing, along with students from the Product Design (DP) Study Program.

During the meeting, UPJ Product Design students presented six souvenir design proposals reflecting the identity and cultural richness of South Tangerang City. Out of these six proposals, three designs were selected for further narrative detailing and will be presented to the Mayor as candidates for the official souvenir of South Tangerang City.

"We are proud that UPJ is involved and serious about this program. Among the many universities that attended and interacted with the Tourism Office, UPJ is the only one truly committed to the formulation of the South Tangerang City Souvenir program," he said.

Additionally, the Head of the Tourism Office, Mr. Heru Sudarmanto, also proposed to UPJ to create a story-telling narrative about "Tahu Serpong," which is expected to become an icon of South Tangerang City, as well as to design "Batik Tangsel" with an orchid motif as part of the promotion and preservation of local culture.

This collaboration is expected to strengthen the identity and tourist attractions of South Tangerang City, while providing UPJ DP students with the opportunity to contribute directly to the development of culture and tourism in the region. Through this collaboration, UPJ is committed to continuing its support for local government efforts to advance the tourism sector and strengthen the cultural heritage of South Tangerang City.