To Continue Collaboration, UPJ and Esa Unggul Agree to Sign a Joint Research and Publication MoU

Bintaro, South Tangerang - 08/05/2024 - Pembangunan Jaya University and Esa Unggul University proudly announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to strengthen collaboration in research and publication. The MoU, signed on 03/05/2024, marks a significant milestone in enhancing academic cooperation and knowledge exchange between the two universities.

In the agreement, UPJ and Esa Unggul will facilitate joint research projects, academic exchanges, and collaborative publications aimed at advancing knowledge in various fields of study. This collaboration will provide opportunities for faculty, lecturers, and students from both institutions to engage in interdisciplinary research efforts, share expertise, and contribute to scholarly publications.

The MoU represents a joint commitment between Pembangunan Jaya University and Esa Unggul University to promote academic excellence, innovation, and knowledge sharing. By leveraging their respective strengths and resources, UPJ and Esa Unggul aim to address challenges, achieve meaningful research outcomes, and make significant contributions to the academic and societal spheres.

"We are delighted to collaborate with Esa Unggul University, which underscores our shared dedication to academic and research collaboration. We also hope that this cooperation will continue to include joint journal maintenance, community service, and significant contributions to our respective fields of study," said Dr. Ir. Lukas Beladi Sihombing, MT, MPU, M. ASCE, Head of the Bureau of Partnership, Public Relations, and Internationalization at Pembangunan Jaya University during his remarks.

Dr. Ayu Larasati, S.Sos., M.I., Head of the Collaboration Division at Esa Unggul, also responded positively to UPJ's remarks, expressing enthusiasm about the collaboration. She stated, "This MoU is a significant step in our commitment to enhancing research capabilities and academic collaboration. By working closely with Pembangunan Jaya University, we aim to expand our research and drive innovation to address societal needs."

The signing event was attended by representatives from both universities, including faculty members from the Faculty of Economics and Business and the Faculty of Computer Science at Esa Unggul and UPJ. Moving forward, Pembangunan Jaya University and Esa Unggul University are ready to pursue collaboration to advance research excellence and promote academic development.