UPJ Architecture Excursion to Malaysia: An Adventure Exploring Architectural Wonders

Bintaro, South Tangerang 20/05/2024 - The Architecture Study Program at Universitas Pembangunan Jaya (UPJ) organized an Architecture Excursion to Malaysia. This event was enthusiastically attended by UPJ Architecture students eager to learn about and experience various architectural works in this neighboring country firsthand. In addition to the students, the excursion was accompanied by two Architecture faculty members, namely Titus Kurniawan, ST., M.Ars & Ar. Melania Lidwina Pandiangan, S.T., M.T. This excursion is a trip or visit conducted by UPJ Architecture Lecturers and Students for educational, recreational, and research purposes. "UPJ Architecture is holding an Excursion themed 'Duality of Urban Architecture' to explore the architectural changes in Malaysia that play a role in shaping the image of a city," said Titus.

The UPJ Architecture Field Trip to Malaysia was not just about studying architecture; it was also about building friendships and creating unforgettable memories. Students were encouraged to interact with the local community, try traditional Malaysian cuisine, and experience the warm hospitality of the local culture. UPJ students learned how architecture can reflect cultural identity, adapt to the environment, and serve as a tool for positive societal change. Participants were expected to understand the culture, history, and philosophy embedded in each architectural design in Malaysia. During the field trip, students explored various fascinating destinations, such as:

  •  National Museum of Malaysia: Exploring the history and culture of Malaysia through informative and interactive exhibits.
  •  S11 House: Learning about sustainable architecture concepts that are beautiful, functional, and integrated with the environment.
  • Malacca Floating Mosque: Admiring the blend of traditional Islamic architecture with appealing contemporary elements.
  • St. Paul Church: Witnessing an ancient church that stands as a silent witness to Malaysia's long historical journey.
  • Petronas Towers: Exploring one of the tallest buildings in the world and learning about contemporary design principles.Urban Museum Kuala Lumpur: Understanding the transformation of Kuala Lumpur over time through interactive exhibits.
  • PICC (Putrajaya International Convention Center): Admiring the futuristic and functional design of Malaysia's premier convention center.

This experience in Malaysia is expected to inspire UPJ architecture students to continue learning and developing themselves. They are encouraged to become creative, innovative, and responsible architects who can positively contribute to national development. The most important part of this journey for the students was the personal reflection and learning they brought home. From understanding sustainability to appreciating the beauty and functionality of design, this excursion opened their eyes to new possibilities in the architecture profession.

"My experience was very satisfying, and I hope it provided a lot of inspiration to the participants. We started the journey with many destinations. It was an honor to receive a direct invitation from Dr. Tan Loke Mun to visit his private residence and project, S11 House, as well as his museum, UR-MU. The participants gained deep insights into architectural approaches in Malaysia and how architecture can reflect cultural identity. We learned unique ways to create highly detailed and comfortable homes in every aspect," said Putri Mulia Srikandini, Head of the UPJ Architecture Field Trip.

The UPJ Architecture Field Trip to Malaysia was an extraordinary experience for UPJ architecture students. They learned a lot about architecture, culture, and themselves. This experience is expected to be a strong foundation for their learning and growth in the field of architecture.

By: Kharisma Fajar Umbara (2022101025) | Architecture Student