Discussions to MoUs: Key Moments of UiTM's Visit to UPJ

Bintaro, South Tangerang, 06/04/2024 – Universitas Pembangunan Jaya (UPJ) warmly welcomed a delegation from Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Malaysia. This visit marked an important milestone for both institutions in strengthening cooperation in education, research, and human resource development.

The UiTM delegation was warmly received by the President of UPJ, Ir. Frans Satyaki Sunito, UPJ Rector, Ir. Yudi Samyudia, Ph.D., along with other university leaders. In his welcoming remarks, Ir. Frans Satyaki Sunito provided a brief overview of the history of the Jaya Group and Bintaro Jaya as a satellite city development project supporting the capital city of Jakarta. He stated, "Bintaro Jaya is like a satellite city, developed by our company. As you know, Bintaro Jaya was established by the Pembangunan Jaya Group. Among these companies, we are involved in urban development, hence the name Bintaro Jaya. And this is a relatively new city, where we are trying to introduce many new things."

The visit included various productive activities, such as panel discussions, presentations on academic programs, and workshops involving faculty and students from both universities. Both institutions agreed that international collaboration is crucial in this era of globalization. UiTM Rector, Prof. Dr. Ahmad Faiz bin Abdul Rahman, expressed his hopes, saying, "So I hope and expect that from this visit we can do more in terms of collaboration. I think maybe after this we will discuss further about what we want to do. Further steps that will be taken between UiTM and UPJ." He remarked.

The UiTM delegation was also invited to tour various facilities on the UPJ campus, including the Indonesian Architecture Museum, laboratories, and research centers. They were impressed by the modern facilities UPJ possesses and hoped to adopt some of the best practices at UPJ into their system.

The visit concluded with the signing of several memorandums of understanding (MoUs) between UPJ and UiTM, one of which focused on student exchange (Summer School Program), as an official commitment to establishing sustainable cooperation. Both parties hope these MoUs will serve as a strong foundation for various collaborative projects in the future.

UPJ Rector, Ir. Yudi Samyudia, Ph.D., expressed his hopes, "Hopefully we can have close collaboration. Thank you for UiTM's visit to UPJ. Of course, I think my intention is to strengthen the relationship between the two universities. Especially in different fields, such as student mobility between the two universities. Malaysian students can come here to join our Summer School and enjoy the beauty of the Bintaro area and also the Jaya companies located in Bintaro."

This visit not only provided strategic benefits for both universities but also inspired students and faculty to continue innovating and collaborating on an international scale. Through this visit, it is hoped that more opportunities will open up for future academic and professional development.

With the spirit of collaboration and innovation, UPJ and UiTM are ready to step together towards a brighter and more promising future.


By: Gisela Rara Wening Pinasthi (2022041101) | Student of Communication Science Study Program