Public Lecture with Khairul Rizal: Sharing Knowledge for Outcome-Based Learning

Bintaro, South Tangerang, 04/06/2024 - The Information Systems Study Program held a public lecture entitled "Knowledge Sharing in Outcome-Based Learning: Fostering Research Collaboration and Innovation" with the aim of helping to develop students' abilities, especially in the academic field of research. The seminar was attended by 90 student participants who were interested in conducting research in the future.

The Dean of the Faculty of Technology and Design at Pembangunan Jaya University (UPJ), Danto Sukmajati, ST, M.Sc., Ph.D, said that the world needs change, especially with the sophistication of technology today.

"The world needs change. Now there is continuous improvement, the curriculum can be changed at any time. Hopefully, this lecture can produce good benefits for the benefit and good of all of us."

The presentation of the material was delivered by Khairul Rizal, Ph.D, as the Director of Measurement and Indicators for Research, Technology and Innovation. In his work, Khairul measures how far research and technology have progressed nationally, not only in universities but also in industry. Research infrastructure is carried out to produce research output.

He explained that learning must be applied with an equivalent cognitive distance. Khairul emphasized that the more knowledge is possessed, the easier it is to recombine, which ultimately leads to diversity and diversification.

"Between developed and developing countries, knowledge in developed countries is already far more advanced than in developing countries. Learning depends on the cognitive distance of the object being studied and the knowledge capacity of the individual." Explained Khairul Rizal.

One of the interesting things about this public lecture is the explanation of the Endogenous process, where when knowledge is recombined with effective collaboration, it will have an impact on learning. The output produced is the import of knowledge from external sources.

The holding of this public lecture has become a field for students to rethink systematically when they want to execute an idea, "Hopefully the collaboration that is held between the Information Systems study program with Mr. Khairul and also BRIN will make it easier for students to create new innovations." Said UPJ Rector, Ir. Yudi Samyudia, Ph.D.

The public lecture, which opened up social and economic perspectives, is expected to inspire students and open up new innovations for research that emphasizes the benefits of the research.


By: Gisela Rara Wening Pinasthi (2022041101) | Student of Communication Science Study Program