CREATURE 2024: Unveiling the Secrets Behind Music and Cool Events in Indonesia

Bintaro, South Tangerang, 06/06/2024 - Universitas Pembangunan Jaya (UPJ) has once again held its annual event, Creating Creative Age to The Future, better known as CREATURE 2024. With the theme "Syncopating The Future With Music Culture" and the tagline "Feel Your Imagination Ignite Innovation," the event took place from May 28 to 31, 2024, filled with exciting and inspiring activities.

CREATURE 2024 kicked off with a pre-event titled "Chillin' n Stylin," featuring Nathanael Moss and Emma Aliudin discussing fashion. The enthusiasm of the participants was evident in the "Paint Your Feelings" event with Brilyantini, which attracted 99 participants. The excitement grew as the seminar "Exploring Creativity in The Music Industry" was held in UPJ's Building A auditorium, featuring Sheryl Sheinafia and Asthie Wendra. The seminar drew the attention of over 400 eager attendees who listened enthusiastically to the insights and experiences of the two speakers.

Sheryl Sheinafia expressed her joy at being a speaker at her first seminar. "I really enjoyed CREATURE 2024 because it was very innovative. I loved the spirit and energy of the participants, which brought positive energy for me to conduct my first seminar," she said. She also shared her career journey in the music and film industry, which led to her success thanks to her fans (Sheinafiaz) and her hard work in finding her true self. "You have to know that you are unique. It doesn't matter if you feel weird or like an outcast, but if you know where your strengths lie, just believe in that because nobody is going to tell you for you," she advised the participants.

Asthie Wendra also shared her positive impressions of the event. "It was really fun and I didn't expect it to be so crowded. The attendees were very excited too. I was really happy to be invited to UPJ," she said. Asthie also provided motivation for students interested in event management to keep honing their skills and pursuing their passion. "If you have an interest in the behind-the-scenes industry, start now, don't delay, find out what you're interested in," she encouraged.

On the same day, the CREATURE Comedy Show featuring Mal Jupri, Totti Ali Gibran, and Rizky Ambon successfully made more than 400 people laugh with their fresh and entertaining jokes.

The next evening, the event concluded with performances by Arash Buana, DJ Vuai, and various campus bands, mesmerizing more than 450 attendees with their music. Arash Buana, one of the performers, shared his impression, "It was really fun, there were moments of melancholy and joy, you know, that's what makes the whole show fun and I can't wait to play again," he said.