Enhance Knowledge about Green House Gas (GHG) and Carbon Accounting in a Seminar with the Founder of Lean Government Institute

Bintaro, South Tangerang (13/06/2024) - The Accounting Study Program at Universitas Pembangunan Jaya (UPJ) held a seminar titled "Green House Gas and Carbon Accounting" aimed at broadening students' understanding of CBAM (Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism). The seminar featured Daniel Godwin Sitohang, the Founder of the Lean Government Institute, as the main speaker.

In his presentation, Daniel revealed that the implementation of carbon accounting in Indonesia is still not optimal. Unlike other universities in Indonesia, UPJ’s Accounting Study Program equips its graduates with the ability to calculate carbon accounting. Hence, this seminar was an excellent opportunity for UPJ Accounting students who are enthusiastic and concerned about carbon and environmental issues in Indonesia. One student, Azka, asked a question about Indonesia's target for zero emissions.

"Indonesia will achieve zero emissions by 2060. With renewable energy, we can realize zero emissions," Daniel answered optimistically.

Furthermore, Daniel explained that Indonesia is heading towards the CBAM transition period, which will be implemented in January 2026. "Companies in Indonesia use IFRS or International Financial Reporting Standards as the standard because it is internationally recognized," he added.

Daniel also illustrated to the students that carbon accounting could be a promising business opportunity. "Many companies do not understand how to calculate carbon accounting from scopes 1-3, so the task of an accountant is to offer carbon calculation services, and that is a business," he explained.

The hope is that this seminar will broaden students' understanding of the importance of greenhouse gases and carbon accounting, as well as inspire them to explore business opportunities in this field.