[Kemdikbud RI] 7 UPJ Students Secure Third Most P2MW 2024 Grants, Cementing Entrepreneurial Excellence

Recipients of the Entrepreneurial Student Development Program (P2MW) 2024 are carefully selected students due to their exceptional entrepreneurial potential. With the support of this program, these entrepreneurial students have the opportunity to develop their own businesses, create employment opportunities, and make significant contributions to the growth of the Indonesian economy. With their creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit, the recipients of the P2MW 2024 assistance are expected to be agents of change, bringing positive impacts to Indonesian society and economy as a whole.

Here are the seven students of UPJ who won P2MW 2024: Dhafa Pramoedya Ananta, Trie Apsary, Siraj Aly Yafi, Siti Rahmah, Adrian Eldad Adithia Salmon, Mohamad Akmal Dwi Putra, dan Darren Zulfariji

Here is the link of the official announcement: