Collaboration Festival (CoFest) UPJ 2024 Boosts the Spirit of Young Indonesian Generation in Creating

Bintaro, South Tangerang – February 23, 2024. The Communication Science Study Program at the University of Pembangunan Jaya once again held its annual event entitled Collaboration Festival (CoFest) with various series of activities organized from February 24 to March 1, 2024. This year, CoFest is presented under the theme "Indonesian Heritage." The Indonesian Heritage theme is conceived to instill a sense of appreciation among the young generation for Indonesian creative arts, aiming for the advancement of Indonesia's creative industry in the future. This theme is aligned with the tagline "Sabda Nusantara, Laksana Mantra," which signifies the vocal role of the young generation in advancing the creative industry through outstanding characters.

CoFest 2024 will feature a series of main events, including competitions ranging from coloring contests, TikTok video contests, to CoFest Got Talent. Beyond competitions, CoFest will also be enlivened by a seminar entitled "Innovation in the Creative Industry Boosts the Potential of the Nation's Children," featuring renowned speakers such as Awan Prasetyo, the General Manager of VINDES, and Ucok Nasution, the Founder of Jakcloth. These speakers will provide valuable insights for the younger generation, especially in the field of Indonesia's creative arts industry. The event will also be complemented by an alumni sharing session titled "Building a Resilient Creative Generation." CoFest 2024 will conclude with a series of closing ceremonies featuring guest stars such as Berita Disko and Lomba Sihir (Magic Competition). All events of CoFest 2024 will be held at the University of Pembangunan Jaya.

Mrs. Clara Evi C. Citraningtyas, Dra., M.A., Ph.D, the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Business (FHB) at the University of Pembangunan Jaya, expressed her opinion on the theme and tagline of CoFest 2024. "CoFest has consistently chosen excellent themes over the years. For CoFest 2024, I see that you aim to call upon the younger generation to advance the creative arts in Indonesia. I strongly agree with this initiative, as I believe that there will be many brilliant ideas emerging from the young generation, particularly in the creative arts industry. I hope the younger generation will not cease to explore new avenues, ultimately producing valuable works," expressed Mrs. Clara.

Bazly Diptyo Ardotjondro, as the Chairperson of the CoFest 2024, also shared his thoughts on the creative arts industry in Indonesia, stating, "The creative arts industry in Indonesia was affected by Covid-19 and is still striving to recover to a better state. Through this year's CoFest theme, we hope that the youth can be inspired and contribute their works to advance the film, music, and other creative arts industries."

Communication Festival (COMMFEST) is an annual event organized by the Communication Science Study Program, University of Pembangunan Jaya, first held in 2016. In 2019, COMMFEST changed its name to Collaboration Festival (CoFest), attracting a crowd of over 5000 spectators at the event's closing ceremony at Bintaro Jaya Xchange Mall. In 2021, Collaboration Festival (CoFest) with the theme "Digital Creation Driving the Generation" became the first CoFest to be held virtually. In 2022, still virtual, CoFest adopted the theme "Digitally Savvy Generation," inviting speakers such as Raditya Dika, Fajar Nugraha, and others. In 2023, CoFest returned offline for the first time after the pandemic with the theme "Voices of the 90s" featuring speakers Diary Misteri Sara and guest stars Om Leo Berkaraoke and Reality Club, attracting 4000 participants. This year, 2024, CoFest returns with an exciting array of activities aimed at capturing the interest of the younger generation under the main theme "Indonesian Heritage," featuring several speakers and surely cool guest stars.