Official Announcement of Students Selected for Cologne Summer School Program 2024

Bintaro, Tangerang Selatan – April 24th, 2024 - As part of our efforts in internationalization, Universitas Pembangunan Jaya (UPJ) has once again established collaboration with the University of Cologne in Germany for the Summer School 2024: 'Shaping the Future - Sustainability, Cooperation, and Culture'. 

Following the success of last year's Pembangunan Jaya International Summer School on "Global Perspectives on Sustainable Urban Development" in Jakarta, Indonesia, the University of Cologne is excited to welcome Indonesian students from UPJ to Cologne for this year's program.  

UPJ is delighted to extend our congratulations to our exceptional students who have been selected to participate in the upcoming Summer School program. The selected students are: 

· Department of Management 
1. Andreans Bagaskhara – 2021021084 
2. Ghinaa Putri Adizka – 2021021085 
3. Sangaviery Loucas Situmorang - 2021021086 
4. Vicka Ellianna Ristanti - 2021021094 

· Department of Communication Science 
5. Fiona Sastrit – 2022041002  
6. Nurrin Rahmadani – 2022041095 
7. Rakai Michelia Devan – 2022041057 
8. Syahla Putri Johana – 2023041013 

· Department of Information System 
9. Putri Ines Salsabilla -  2023081021

· Department of Product Design 
10. Zahra Amelia - 2022051010 

These students will have the unique opportunity to participate in the Summer School program organized by the University of Cologne. This program will commence in August 2024 and is open to students from UPJ and the University of Cologne. The Summer School program aims to further develop shared perspectives on sustainability, cultural exchange, urban life, and international cooperation.  

During the program, students will explore topics of urban sustainability, international cooperation, and cultural exchange in and around Cologne. They will engage in a variety of activities, including lectures, workshops, and study trips, focusing on each of the three thematic pillars. 

We are proud of our students for their achievements and look forward to seeing them represent UPJ at the Summer School program in Cologne. This opportunity will undoubtedly enrich their academic experiences and contribute to their personal and professional development. 

For more information about the Summer School program and other international initiatives, please visit @upj_international on Instagram or contact the UPJ International office at