Urban Campus

UPJ has stood out in indonesia higher education for just over a decade. Supported by Pembangunan Jaya Group, it is recognized among the country's top universities and has won several prestigious awards.
With a focus on urban studies, UPJ's compact campus is home toover 3.800 students across two faculties and 10 top-rated undergraduate programs.
Beyond academics, UPJ is comiited to community development, nurtuting seven local SMEs and promising a bright future for its students, region, and urban landscape

UPJ in Numbers :

  • 13 years since establishment, under the support of Pembangunan Jaya Group, a renowned Indonesian construction company, with 21 subsidiary units
  • 2 faculties: Faculty of Technology and Design (FTD) and Faculty of Humanities and Business (FHB) and 10 top-rated undergraduate programs with 3800+ student body (AY 2023-2024)
  • 19 laboratories
  • 6 centers of excellence
  • 79 Intellectual Properties Registered (AY 2022- 2023)
  • 90+ education institution partners (national and international)
  • 75 industry partners (national and international)
  • 29 organization partners (national and
  • 8 government partners (local and national)
  • 7 local SMEs development


Regional & National Awards :

  • Rank 26th for private university in research and community development 2022
  • Top 3 Collaboration Awards in the Business and Industry Category LLDikti IV 2023
  • Gold Winner National Collaboration Awards in the Business and Industry Category 2023
  • The Most Dedicated Higher Education Institution 2023