As a university that is ready to face the ASEAN Economic Society, to support the city development infrastructure availability, and implement the higher education and research and technology ministry’s strategic planning, UPJ with its 10 study programs focuses its university center of excellence in the area of Urban Lifestyle and Urban Development. The university prioritizes urban studies in developing an area physically and socially.

Based on each study program’s potential and discipline, five clusters of urban studies were designed. Those clusters become the uniqueness and excellence of each study program at Universitas Pembangunan Jaya. Those clusters are Urban Development, Urban Growth, Urban Society, Urban Culture, Urban and the Future.

The UPJ Research Roadmap was constructed based on the UPJ focus of studies which are urban development and urban lifestyle. It is also in reference to the national research agenda which is written in Main National Research Plan (Rencana Induk Riset Nasional-RIRN) 2015-2045. The UPJ research roadmap was constructed and planned using inter study program and inter cluster approach. It is also based on six Universitas Pembangunan Jaya research excellence, those are:

  1. Development of transportation technology and management, 
  2. Discovery and Utilization of Sustainable New Source of Energy,
  3. Information and Communication Technology Development,
  4. Advanced Materials,
  5. Environmental Disaster Prevention Management,
  6. Social Hummanism, Arts and Education.