Alumni Network

Universitas Pembangunan Jaya realizes that a good relationship with its alumni should be well maintained. Thus, Universitas Pembangunan Jaya established an alumni association based on SK Rektor No. 144/KEP-REK/UPJ/08/16 entitled Ikatan Alumni UPJ. This association was legally established on 11 August 2016 with Dina Tri Permatasari, a graduate of civil engineering study program in 2015 as the general president for 2016-2019. So far, UPJ alumni association has had 202 members who graduated between 2015-2017.

The UPJ alumni association works closely with the campus in academic and non-academic events conducted by the university or the study programs. Alumni have played a great role in sharing sessions and become facilitator in specific materials that they have applied in their real working world. The alumni also play a great role in giving access to active students for internship, professional field work, or research study in the institution/company where they work.

The UPJ alumni boards right now are:

President                   : Dinna Tripermata Sari, S.T.

Vice President           : Samuel Firman Partogi, S.M.

General Secretary     : Siti Rhadina Yudi, S.I.Kom

General Treasurer    : Sagita E. Samola, S.Ak.



Profil Dan Testimoni


Arya Brahmantya Boga

Informatics Engineering, Batch 2011

Owner of Eibi Music School, Bintaro

Universitas Pembangunan Jaya Best Graduate, 2015

Third winner The Resonanz Composition the Golden Year of Avip Priatna, 2015


Studying at UPJ was fun. I did not need to get stuck in traffic because the campus is easy to access. The opportunity to get scholarships based on achievement made my friends and I get more motivated to earn the best grades.




Management Study Program 2013

None Kota Tangerang, 2015

Tangerang City Tourism Ambassador, 2016, representative of House of Indonesia Inauguration, Germany



UPJ supports its students to achieve high, both in academic and non academic areas. The curriculum used at UPJ widens my knowledge, perspective, and network and helps in pursuing our career in the future.       




Arif Ramdhan

Architecture Study Program, Batch 2015

1st runner up Indonesia National Yoyo Championship, 2013

1st runner up Malaysia Yoyo Open, 2015

Contestant World Yoyo Championship, Tokyo, 2015


UPJ’s excellence as the Center of Urban has helped me to gain knowledge on city infrastructure. This knowledge is hard to find in other campuses. I believe that UPJ is able to prepare each student to compete in the national and international working world.