Urban Studies

In Indonesia, big, small, and medium cities, and even small communities do not pop up in a night. They are the result of serious planning done by planologists, civil engineers, and architecture designers together with environment designer. The integration of these different disciplines is known as urban development. Urban development is a system of residential area development which creates a city. This residential area is the main focus in city building. The Home Affairs Minister Circular Letter No 650/989/IV/Bangda, dated 5 June 2000, on the general guidelines of Urban Development Basic Program Planning (Penyusunan Program Dasar Pembangunan Perkotaan-PDPP) stated that “the descripition of urban development refers to all development activities done by the government, communities, and private sectors in the city and urban areas in order to improve service to the community and local economic development speed.” Thus, what is important in urban development is improving society’s well being especially the well being of urban society supported by the strengths of government and society institutions in realizing the urban society dreams. In other words, the urban city development is carefully constructed and integrated by various academic disciplines so that it will improve society well being,  reduce the gap between the rich and the poor, strengthen national stability. In urban development, everone involved needs to pay attention to the Sustainable Urban Development. It aims to balance humans’ needs and environment conservation. The sustainable urban development in a city expansion focuses on pollution limitation in a city as well as focuses on alternative energy utilization efficiency, and provides facilities for urban community activities and lifestyle known as Urban Life Style. The more dynamic and faster urban lifestyles often require facilities which are fast, smart, simple, and efficient. In an urban lifestyle, city development needs to consider and provide new urban living concept that offers comfortable residential area. In simple words, urban life style in cities is a dynamic and efficient way of life which aims to improve city people’s quality of life. Thus, a city construction should not only consider the city infrastructure but also plan how to accommodate urban life style by creating facilities needed by urban communities. High mobility should be environmentally friendly and it should be planned using the Green Mobility concept. The use of smart transportation system will also be strength in an urban development. People in the city also need a lot of innovative planning such as minimalized and smart houses as well as offices close to their homes. Thus, the involvement of house planner or designer such as interior designer, product designer, visual communication designer, informatics technology engineer in integration with city planner, architect, and civil engineer is important in planning a city development. The integration of different discipline experts will well combine the concepts of urban development and urban lifestyle in creating a smart, dynamic, efficient, and developed city.

Pembangunan Jaya Center for Urban Studies at Universitas Pembangunan Jaya puts an effort to answer the challenge in developing a smart, dynamic, efficient, and developed city through holistic studies. The center has become consultation, advocation, 3L, and even excellent center in planning a smart urban which provides urban lifestyle which is dynamic, efficient, and going in the direction of Sustainable Urban Development.




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